XC Week 2 (Week of 7/9/12)


From now on Friday practice will be at 8:00 a.m.!!!!!!!

Friday 7/13/12-2.5 miles up followed by 11-14 hills (with 2 skips) and 2.5 miles down.

Wednesday 7/11/12– kids ran between 5-11 miles steady and finished with 16x 100m. Julia led the ladies with 9 miles and 16x 100m.

Monday 7/9/12- kids got in a 2 mile warmie followed by a quick stretch and drills then hit either a 2 mile threshold and 16x 100m bf strides or 2x 2 mile threshold on the Lenape trail, cooldown was an 800m run and 16x 100m followed by core. Good work today PIRATES!!!! 5-7.5 total miles.