Week of 5/14/2012

5/19/12- Kids met at the towpath – 2 miles up followed by a quick stretch. Split into groups – top dogs got in 9 miles at around 5:30 pace (Dan Sheldon led all in 48:40). Everyone else got in 7 miles at an honest effort. 20 strides after.

5/18/12- Premeet for those racing Frosh-Soph. Everyone else got in a 9 mile easy run followed by several strides.

5/17/12- 2 miles up followed by either 400m race (Eddison and AJ) or 1600m (most everyone else).  Pirates got 31 under 5!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!! GREAT SEASON PIRATES!!!!!!!!!

5/16/2012– tri meet against Princeton and Trenton. Those racing twilight ran a pre-meet

5/15/2012– Everyone running at the twilight meet ran an easy 7-9 miles with strides. Those racing at the tri meet did a pre-meet

5/14/2012– warm up 2 miles, drills/strides followed by 4 x 400m on a 2min cycle (tog dogs avg. 57-59sec). 2mile cool down ending with 8 strides (drills in between).