Week of 5/7/2012

5/12/12– mercer county meet. Girls get 2nd guys get 3rd. Caroline Kellner runs a 4:59.58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/12– those who are racing at counties got in a pre-meet. Others did either a 1600m time trial or a 45min run and strides

5/10/12– duel meet. Two more guys go sub five!

5/9/12 – Those competing tomorrow got in 20-50 minutes followed by a few strides. Everyone else got in a Woodmere Threshold and strides afterwards. Stretching and core at the end.

5/8/12- Top guys got in a 2 mile warm up followed by  5 miles at 6 min/mile. Short cool down after. Everyone else ran 3 miles to Southfield Road before progressing back. 12 strides and core after.

5/7/12– 2mile warm up followed by 5 x 400m at goal mile pace (top guys avg around 61-62) on a 2:15 cycle. Everyone finished 2 laps cool down followed by 8 strides with drills in between.