Week of 5/28/12

6/2/12- AJ makes history!!!!!!! Eddison places 5th!!!! Caroline runs a PR!!! All 3200m guys advance!!!!!

6/1/12- warm-up, mile race, coolie or pre meet.

Jake Riff gets 2nd in 1600!!!!!!

5/31/12 pre meet or steady distance.

5/30/12- kids got in a warmup followed by easy reps at pace. Maeda runs 4:24!!!! Karthik runs 4:27!!!!!!

5/29/12- Premeet for 4×8 crew. Groups people got in a 20 min threshold before spiking up and getting in 800m at G32P , quick jog and then a 400 at GMP. Cooldown afterwards.

5/28/12- Groups crew met at towpath for 8-9 miles steady before getting in threshold work (LD – 1 mile/800m – 2x800m). 4×8 guys got in 2x400m on a 5 minute cycle (60/59). 2 laps 8 strides after.

Cross Country Meeting 5/31/12

Pirate Cross Country

Meeting 5/31/12 in Pit During Lunch


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To the Men and Women of Pirate Cross Country;

We begin the 2012 Cross Country season with unfinished business from 2011.  We started last year with a barrel of ambition, our barrel is still half-full, and in the interceding six months the barrel has been topped off with new and talented athletes ready to make their mark in our greatest endeavor.  We are returning SIX men under 10 minutes for two miles.  We return 8 of our top 14 from cross country, a team that was the deepest in Mercer County history. On the girls side we have reached the end of an era.  For the past seven years our team has been led by a Kellner.  We are now beginning another chapter that is sure to be just as exciting.  Our new era is a full of promise, possibility, and expectancy.

Both teams are hard-working, enthusiastic, and devoted to the ideals of Pirate Cross Country; a program that he become synonymous with integrity and grit.  Together over the past seven years the Men and Women of Pirate Cross have epitomized what is most virtuous in athletics and life.  We have faithfully reinforced the human truths that toil, adversity, perseverance, and enthusiasm can unlock sleeping giants in ordinary young men and women. Pirates of the past, present, and future are those of us who humble ourselves to the esteemed rule of life, that is that if we allow ourselves to lovingly pursue a journey with unwavering  hunger and attention we together can continue to conquer great obstacles.

One thing can be assured.  Our system works.  If you follow the physical regimen assigned you will achieve a level of physical nirvana never experienced before.  However, this is only a portion of what will catapult us towards our potential greatness.  We need to have a positive collective energy that cooperatively urges us forward in order to create a culture of fulfillment.

            Goals.  This season we will have no concrete benchmarks in which to shoot for.  Instead I want us to attempt achieving a certain sense, a state of collective being.  A sense that at the finish line of our last race that we are closing a door on a very important chapter in our lives.  A sense that what we accomplished was timeless, meaningful, and perpetually developmental.  My biggest fear in life is being ordinary, ineffectual,  and forgettable.  I want to pass this fear on to the Pirates of 2012.  I want all of us to personally invest on making the most of this season. I’m convinced that if we do this we will achieve triumphs yet unrealized. It starts now, by having each other’s back, by planning around practice, by making this season a priority.

            We are now starting a trip, a journey.  Use this packet as a map.  None of us will stop until everyone gets to our destination.  Now let’s GO!!!!


                                                                                                Coach Wayton

                                                                                                Coach Siegel

Week of 5/21/12

5/26/12- Sectionals Day 2!!!!! 4×800 guys got in a 55 minute run followed by 16x100m

5/25/12- Sectionals Day 1!!!!! 4×800 guys got in standard warm up stretch drills strides (8) before tackling their workout. 400 in 57-58 rest 30 seconds, blast 200 in 26-27. Rest 5 mins, 6x200m on a 60 second cycle averaging 31 seconds/200m. Great day.

5/24/12– Pre-meet for sectionals crew. 4×800 guys got in a steady distance run.

5/23/12– Steady distance run for sectionals crew. 4×800 guys warmed up 2 miles, stretch, drills, strides (8) before getting in their workout: 2 sets of 3x300m on a 90 second cycle. Guys hit: 45, 44, 44 for the first set, and 43, 43, 45 for the second set. Great day.

5/22/12 2 miles up followed by 15-20:00 at LT on the track and 2 miles coolie for between 6-8 miles on the day. Easy distance for the 4×800 group.

5/21/12– 2 miles up , stretch, drills, strides before getting in a kicking drill – 50% of goal distance at 100% pace followed by 30 seconds rest and 200-300m kicker 10:00 rest jog and 8x 60m sprints with drills. 4×800 crew got in 2x500m at 71 on a 10:00 cycle.


Week of 5/14/2012

5/19/12- Kids met at the towpath – 2 miles up followed by a quick stretch. Split into groups – top dogs got in 9 miles at around 5:30 pace (Dan Sheldon led all in 48:40). Everyone else got in 7 miles at an honest effort. 20 strides after.

5/18/12- Premeet for those racing Frosh-Soph. Everyone else got in a 9 mile easy run followed by several strides.

5/17/12- 2 miles up followed by either 400m race (Eddison and AJ) or 1600m (most everyone else).  Pirates got 31 under 5!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!! GREAT SEASON PIRATES!!!!!!!!!

5/16/2012– tri meet against Princeton and Trenton. Those racing twilight ran a pre-meet

5/15/2012– Everyone running at the twilight meet ran an easy 7-9 miles with strides. Those racing at the tri meet did a pre-meet

5/14/2012– warm up 2 miles, drills/strides followed by 4 x 400m on a 2min cycle (tog dogs avg. 57-59sec). 2mile cool down ending with 8 strides (drills in between).

Week of 5/7/2012

5/12/12– mercer county meet. Girls get 2nd guys get 3rd. Caroline Kellner runs a 4:59.58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/12– those who are racing at counties got in a pre-meet. Others did either a 1600m time trial or a 45min run and strides

5/10/12– duel meet. Two more guys go sub five!

5/9/12 – Those competing tomorrow got in 20-50 minutes followed by a few strides. Everyone else got in a Woodmere Threshold and strides afterwards. Stretching and core at the end.

5/8/12- Top guys got in a 2 mile warm up followed by  5 miles at 6 min/mile. Short cool down after. Everyone else ran 3 miles to Southfield Road before progressing back. 12 strides and core after.

5/7/12– 2mile warm up followed by 5 x 400m at goal mile pace (top guys avg around 61-62) on a 2:15 cycle. Everyone finished 2 laps cool down followed by 8 strides with drills in between.

Week of 4/30/12

5/6/12– those who raced got in a nice long run of around 80min

5/5/12– Mercer twilight. Guys 4x800m run a new school record of 7:50!! 4x800m video

5/4/12– Recovery run/pre-meet for Mercer Twilight!!!

5/3/12– Holmdel Twlight! Historic night!!! 9 guys under 10!!!! Jake Riff runs #3 time in Pirate History! Dan Riff runs # 4, Dan Sheldon runs number 6!!! Katie Donnelly PR’s by 6 minutes!!!! Results HERE, Videos HERE.

5/2/12– pre meet for Holmdel Twilight!!!

5/1/12- Meet at Hightstown and Hamilton West. Some great performances. Others got in a 50 minute easy run. Core and strides after.

4/30/12- 2 mile warm up, stretch, drills, strides. Kids got in their 400s today – 6 400s on a 2:30 cycle. Top guys averaged around 62-63. 2 lap cooldown, 8 strides. Great day.