Week of 4/23/12

4/28/12– 8:30 practice at the tow path for either a 9 or 10mile time trial. Great day, great weather.

4/27/12– 2 mile warm up, stretch, drills, strides. Top girls and guys got in a 600 fast – followed by 12x60m sprints with plyos and over unders. Everyone else on in a mile time trial – SEVERAL close misses to the Sub 5 and 6 club!

4/26/12- 50-60 minute easy run followed by 10-16 strides. CAROLINE RUNS 9:59 3k at PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/25/12– Split up into two groups. B group did a 7.5mile loop followed by strides. A group ran a new loop (around 10.75miles) and finished with strides as well. Great weather.

4/24/12– Everyone did either a 2.5mile warm up followed by a 5 miles steady (tog dogs at around 5:55 pace) or a 3 mile warm up followed by a 3 mile progressive run. Strides and core after

4/23/12- 2 mile warm up, stretch, drills, strides (8). Guys and gals then split up into groups and completed 7 400s on a 2:45 cycle. Top guys averaged around 62-63 per 400. 2 laps,  8 strides after. Great day considering weather.