Week of 4/16/12

4/21/12– mercer county relays at Robbinsville. People not racing ran 11 miles steady followed by 16 strides

4/20/12– 800m time trial followed by a two lap cool down and 14x60m sprints with drills in between.

4/19/12- 50 minute run for underclassmen and MD followed by 2 800s at threshold. 60 minute run for upperclassmen followed by 1 mile at threshold.

4/18/12- easy distance run for most, race for others. All in all, a good day.

4/17/12 everyone got in 6-8 miles followed by strides, stretching, and core.

4/16/12- kids got in 2 mile up in 91 degree heat before embarking on the 1st of the much awaited cut down.  Everyone hit 8x 400 on a 3:00 luxurious cycle.  Top group avg’d between 62 and 64.  Caroline avg’d around 75.  Great day.