Week of 4/9/12

4/14/12- 2 miles warmup before hitting a 9-10 mile time trial.  Sheldon led all in 54 and change. short coolie.  Chandarockins apprently lost interest in the website.

4/13/12- 2 mile warm up, stretch, drills, strides (8). Everyone got in a 300m all out, 2 lap jog before getting in 12 75m sprints with plyos and over unders in between. 2 lap cool down.

4/12/12– Core first followed by a 50-60min easy run. Everyone finished with a 1 mile threshold kicker.

4/11/12- Core first and then most guys finished the Bennington loop (8.5 miles). MD and everyone else got in 3 miles to Southfield Road and progressive run back to the track.

4/10/12- 3 mile warm up. Most kids then completed a 10k steady state with strides. Everyone else and MD guys did a little church steady state with strides.

4/9/12- Last day of bulk 400s! Kids got between 10-16 400s on a 1:45-2:30 cycle. MD guys got in 16×200 on a 1 min cycle. 2 lap cool down, 8 strides after. good day with all the wind