Week of 4/2/12

4/7/12- Everyone got in 11-14.5 miles of steady running followed by 16 strides. Great day!

4/6/12- OYO run of in between 50-60mins. 45 mins for the MD Crew. Additional strides and core afterwards.

4/5/12- 2 mile warm up, stretch drills strides. Everyone got in 800m – first 400 at GMP, second 400 ALL OUT. 2 lap jog and then 12x50m sprints with plyos and over unders in between. 2 lap cooldown. MD Crew ran a 400 in 57.

4/4/12- 2.2 mile warm up to Conover Park. Mostly everyone finished the loop at a steady pace (5:50 for the top guys – who also added on another mile at the track). MD Crew ran threshold back for 2 miles and then finished with another mile on the track. 2 lap cool down and 19 strides afterwards. Great weather, great day.

4/3/12- Meet and Notre Dame. Girls and Boys Win. Nora Owens (5:41) and David Miller (10:10) drop MASSIVE PRs!!! GREAT day!

4/2/12- Those not competing tomorrow plus Dan Riff, Maeda, Karn, Sheldon and Karthik got in 20 400s on a 1:50 cycle averaging around 70-72. 2 laps 8 strides cooldown. Everyone else got in anything ranging from a 20 minute run to a Conover (7.2) loop and a few strides. MD crew got in a 35 minute run before hitting 6 x 200m in 30 seconds on a 1 minute cycle.