Week of 3/26/12

3/31/12-4/1/12- Kids got to choose to either attend Saturday or Sunday practice. Regardless everyone got in a 2 mile warm up before getting in a 9 (MD crowd and girls) or 10 mile time trial. Dan Sheldon led all in roughly 56 – amazing considering the rain, wind and mud! CAROLINE HITS 62 AND CHANGE FOR 10 MILES!!!!!!!!, DAN RIFF LEADS SUNDAYS BOYS WITH 58 MID.

3/30/12- 2 mile warm up, stretch drills strides. Most people got in an 800 – first 600 at MGP (~1:40ish) before blasting the last 200. MD crowd got in a 600 – first400 in 62 before blasting the last 200. 16x60m sprints with plyos and over unders afterwards. 2 lap cooldown.

3/29/12- 55 minutes of easy running followed by a mile of madness.

3/28/12- 3 mile warm up to Southfield Road. From there, most finished the 8.4 mile loop while a few of the beginners just ran back 3 miles to school. Top guys added on a 1.5 mile@ 80%/off feel. Around 10 on the day. Great day, great weather.

3/27/12- Everyone warmed up 2.2 miles to Conover Park before splitting into groups. Most kids finished the loop (~4.9 miles) at a steady state (around 5:50/mile for the top guys), others ran back to the school (2.2 miles) at a progressive pace.

3/26/12- 2 miles up, stretch drills strides, before embarking on bulk 400s. Everyone got in between 14-25 400s on a 2:00 to 2:45 cycle. 2 lap cooldown, 8 strides