Week of 2/27/2012

3/4/12OYO running up to 80min.

3/3/12– Split into groups. Most did 6.5-7.5miles ending with a 2-3mile kicker. top guys did 20min warm up followed by 7 cut down miles starting at 6:10 ending at 5:20. Everyone finished with strides.

3/2/12– everyone warmed up 8 laps followed by stretching and drills. Most did a 400m time trial followed by 12 x 100m with drills in between. MD group hit a 600m in 1:25 led by AJ, Eddison and Jake riff and finished with some 70m sprints. Everyone cooled down 2 laps.  Some lifted after.

3/1/12- First day of Spring Track! Everyone warmed up 15 minutes, stretched and then got in 4.32 miles at 95% led by Jake Riff and Dan Sheldon in 22:10. 2 lap cool down and core.

2/29/12- OYO.

2/28/12- Easy OYO.

2/27/12- Mostly everyone got in 10-25 400s on a 2:00 to 2:35 cycle. Top guys averaged around 70 sec/lap. 2 lap cooldown and 10 strides for roughly 10ish on the day