Week of 2/20/12

2/25/12- MEET OF CHAMPIONS! Everyone else met at the towpath for a long run of between 75-90 minutes followed by 2-3 tempo miles.

2/24/12- Pre-meet for MOC peeps. Others got in a power workout: 11x150m and drills (plyos and over unders) in between.

2/23/12– MOC crew ran an easy 45-55 minutes followed by some optional strides depending on feel. Others got in similar, OYO.

2/22/12- MOC crew got in an easy 50 minutes. Others warmed up 2 miles to Conover park. Top guys plus A group got in a 5 mile steady state in about 28:30 (5:42 pace) led by Maeda, Karn, Jeff and Karthik. Most others, ran 2  miles back at threshold pace. 2-3 lap cooldown, 8 strides. Warm day.

2/21/12- Easy run OYO. Mileage dependent on motivation.

2/20/12- Everyone did 8-25 400s on a 2:05-2:45 cycle. MOC crew got in threshold work. Good day.