Week of 1/30/12


2/4/12- COUNTIES!!!!! Some great performances!

2/4/12- Premeet for the counties group. Everyone else met at the towpath. Most guys and gals ran for 60-70 minutes in Princeton before hitting 2-3 tempo miles. Top guys got in 13.5 miles and a 1.5 mile kicker for 15 on the day.

2/3/12- Counties crew hit 50-60 mins at a steady pace followed by some strides. Rest of the team got in a mile palooza. Kim Kullmann came VERY close to joining the sub 6 club (6:03!) and on the guys side, Jon Hu and Abhi Sundaraman finally got under the golden 5 minute barrier. 2 laps easy followed by 4 sets of 200, 150, 100. Good day.

2/2/12- Core before practice, 50 minute easy run followed by stretching.

2/1/12 – Most people got in a Woodmere threshold. Counties crew did a threshold and a quick specificity workout. MD guys and gals got in 5 laps at 5:40 pace, a mile threshold, spiked up for a 400 at goal 800 pace and then 10x100m with drills in between. LD guys did a 6 lap threshold twice, spiked up for a 800 and then 10x100m with drills in between. Perfect weather all season.

1/31/12 – Everyone did warmed up the Bennington loop to Southfield Road and did a 3 mile progressive run back to the school. 16 strides and core afterwards. Good day outside.

1/30/12 – 8 lap warmie and split into groups for 400s. Most guys got in 25 400s on a 2:00 cycle and girls did 20 400s on a 2:30 cycle. MD guys did 3 sets of 400, 300, and 200. Core afterwards.