Week of 1/23/12



“Great organizations cultivate talent from within”-  Alfred Chandler


1/28/12- 8:30 practice at Turning Basin Park!!!!!!!!!

1/27/12- 2 miles 8 strides and 600m fast , AJ led all in 1:25.  Jake ran a mile at 3200m goal pace, everyone came back for 12 x 60m sprints with over unders in between, 2 laps down.

1/26/12- core followed by timed run.

1/25/12- 2 miles up followed by 4.2 miles at effort.  short cooldown. Those who didn’t do steady state competed at Lawrenceville.

1/24/12 – Everyone ran a 10k or Conover loop. Those racing tomorrow, did a 10k or Conover threshold. 16 strides and core afterwards.

1/23/12 – Split into groups for 400 repeats. Mostly everyone did 20 400s on a 2:25 or 2:15 cycle. A few kids got in 8 400s with a 2 minute rest in between reps. Rainy and miserable outside.