Week of 1/16/12

1/20/12- Premeet for those running at Lavino Relays. Power workout for everyone else.

1/19/12-  60 minute distance run.

1/18/12- Most of the people got in a 5k threshold run. Top guys and gals got in a power workout. LD guys did 1000m followed by a 600m and 10 100s. MD guys did 550m followed by a 250m and 10 100s.

1/17/12- Race for very few people. Others completed 14-22 400s on a 2:50-2:00 cycle. MD and LD guys got in a threshold. MD hit 10 laps followed by 10x200m. LD dudes hit 16 laps followed by 10x200m. Core after.

1/16/12- Most kids got in a premeet on their own. Those who raced at state relays either met at the towpath or ran oyo for a long run. MD guys and gals ran 60 mins, with last 20 mins cookin. LD guys and gals ran 80 mins with last 20 mins cooking.