Week of 1/9/12

1/15/12- Group 3 State Relays!

1/14/12- those who braved the cold got in an amazing workout. Most kids hit kingston and back (7.5 miles) followed by 3-6 cutdown miles averaging roughly 5:50ish. Cold, windy and miserable. Premeet for those racing.

1/13/12- recovery run. Kids got in 50 minutes of easy running and several reps of core. Extremely windy and cold outside. The next few days are going to be brutal outside – dress for success Pirates!

1/12/12- speed. Kids not racing got in a Mile Time Trial led by Jake Riff in 4:29. New kids in the sub 5 club: Ragone, Albert and Soskind, and several near misses! On the girls side, Nora dropped a huge PR with a 5:51 and another handful of close misses again.Those competing sunday split into groups. Those racing the 1200 or 1600, hit a 1k at GP. Those racing the 800 hit a 500 at GP. Everyone followed with 10-12 150s with plyos and over unders afterwards. 2 lap cooldown.

1/11/12- threshold. Woodmere 5k led by the Riffs in 16:30. LD guys competing on sunday hit a little church (4.2) in around 24:00. short jog and 16 strides after.

1/10/12- recovery run. Little Church (4.2) or Conover (7) loop and 16 strides. Some guys got in a quick mile kicker.

1/9/12- Princeton relays. Those not competing got in a standard warm up, before hitting 14-25 400s on a 2:00-2:30 cycle. Normal cooldown.