Week of 12/26/11-

Saturday 12/31/11– 60-70 minutes steady in Princeton followed by 3x 1600m at LT with 30 seconds standing rest after each.  Good day 8-13.

Friday 12/30/11– kids got in a starndard warmie followed by 600m or 1050m of spec and 12x 150m with plyos and overunders.  Standard cooldown

Wednesday 12/28/11- kids hit threshold runs (2-5 miles)  followed by strides.  Conover Park / loop.  Barefoot strides upon return.

Monday 12/26/11- kids warmed up 2 miles and hit 8 strides before hitting 10-18*400m on a 2:30-3:00 cycle.  MD kids hit 4 sets of 300-200-100, 100j between each rep, 400 jog between each sets.  Good day- got lots of work in