Week of 1/2/12

1/7/12- Girls and developmental dudes hit 7 miles followed by 4 threshold miles. Top guys hit 11.5 miles followed by 2 x mile. Everyone did 16 strides after. Great day – great weather.

1/6/12- 2 miles up, standard stretch, drills, strides (8) before splitting up into groups. MD guys hit 500m at goal pace (67 seconds), rested for 15 seconds, and then hit a blazing 100m. LD guys hit a 1k at goal mile pace in  2:37, rested for 15 seconds, and the blasted a 200m. Most others hit a fast 800m. 2 laps down, then 12x100m with plyos and overunders.

1/5/12- easy 40 minute run followed by a mile of madness – 35 burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and coes. core after.

1/4/12- race for some, threshold for others. those not racing warmed up 2 miles before running a 5k at threshold led by the Riffs in 15:47. Various races for others, various results for most. some amazing performances.

1/3/12- everyone did a 10k or a little church (4.2 mi) loop followed by 16 strides. The Riffs did a very gutsy workout: 30*400 on a 2:00 cycle. Cold, windy, blustery and miserable. Dress of success pirates – its gonna be cold the next few days! For those racing tomorrow – 4:00 bus time!

1/2/12- guys and gals warmed up 2 miles and did standard stretch, drills and strides (8) before hitting 12-20*400 on a 2:20 – 3:00 cycle. MD crew hit 15*200 with a 100m rest jog between each rep.

Practice at 8 am high school South 1/2/12