Week of 12/14/11

Saturday 12/17-11– kids hit between 7 and 11.4 miles steady before embarking on between 2-3x 1600m a LT for a total of 10-14.4  miles

Friday 12/16/11- kids ran a standard warmie before hitting between 500-950m of specificity at 100% of goal pace. Jake led the way for the guys with a 2:28 for 950.  800 guys hit 1:05 for their 500m./  after jogging 500m rest kids hit fast 150m with plyo’s in between each.

Thursday 12/15/11- kids ran a timed loop and returned to school for a mile of madness

Wednesday 12/14/11– 1-2 miles warmie followed by mile reps at LT. Most kids hit 3 miles, Riffs led all with 4x 1600m avg. 4:58, 1 mile cooldown , 200m jog between each mile rep. finished with 12 x 100m barefoot.

Tuesday 12/15/11- 4-6 miles.  preceded by core.

Monday 12/14/11- standard warm-up followed by 8- 16x 400m on a 2:30-3:00 cycle.  2 laps down and lower body lift. MD guys hit same warmie with 10*300m at 45 (100m rest jog). Riffs hit 2 * 900 in 2:25/2:28 (400j) , finished with 5 x 300m @ 45.