Week of 12/5/11

Saturday 12/10/11- 7- 11.5 steady followed by 1-2x a mile at LT- no strides, for a total of 8-13.5 on the morning.

Friday 12/9/11- standard warm-up followed by either 450m or 900m of specificity.  1 lap easy and kids hit 12x 100m with drills in between.

Thursday 12/8/11- timed run followed by a mile of madness.

Wednesday 12/7/11- Larry Bird’s Birthday! also Pearl Harbor Anniversary- kids did 25 minutes of calisthenics followed by 5k in cold rain at LT.  Riffs led the way at 5:15/ mile.  Diedre and Julia led the way for the ladies at around 6:35 pace. short coolie of 2 laps.


Tuesday 12/6/11- organized core followed by 3-6 miles and a lower body lift for some.

Monday 12/5/11- standard warmie followed by 6- 12 x 400m on 2:30-3 minute cycle (depending on group). Top dogs hit 12 x 400m on 2:30 cycle avging 69-71.  Top ladies hit 10 x 400m on 2:45 cycle avging in the low 80’s. Riffs hit 2x 800m in 2:04/2:07 with a 400m rest jog in between- afterwhich they hit 6x 800m in 28-9.  MD guys hit 12*200m in 25-29 with a 100m rest jog.  standard coolie of 2 laps and 8 bf strides.