Week of Halloween 10/31/11-


Sunday 11/6/11- RECOVERY RUN.  Girls hit 45-50 minutes and strides, Guys hit 60 minutes and 16x 100m for 10 on the afternoon. 58 on week

Saturday 11/5/11- SECTIONALS Bus time 8 am, Girls race 10:25, Boys race 11:15.  THOMPSON PARK JAMESBURG NJ Boys win !!!!!! Girls 3rd!!!!! 5 points out of 2nd!!!!!!!! Yay- guys 2 miles up- 3 miles race- 30 minutes and 20x 100m for around 10 on the day.  Girls slightly shorter.

Friday 11/4/11- PRE MEET / OFF

Thursday 11/3/11-

Wednesday 11/2/11- 2.2 miles to Connover Park and 5–8 laps of the perimeter (1150m) followed by a fast 300m to spike HR, 2.2 down to finish with about 10 on the afternoon.  AJ hit 12 laps, a fast 300m, and 1 lap for 9.75. Girls hit 5 laps and a fast 300m for around 8 total.

Tuesday 11/1/11- Bus to Thompson Park 3 pm.  kids ran the Thompson Park course 2-3 times and hit 16-20x 100m after for 7-10.

Monday 10/31/11- WORKOUT ON TRACK.  LIFT AFTER. kids hit 3.1 -4.2 miles up followed by 8-12 strides.  Guys hit 4*1250m on a 5 minute cycle alternating between RP and 5:00 pace (3:46/3:54) cooldown of 2 miles for 10 on the day.  Ladies hit 6x 800m on a 5 min cycle and a 200m kicker for 7.5-8.