Week of 10/24/11


Sunday 10/30/11- kids ran between 7.2 and 9 miles before hitting 2 miles at Lt and a mile of strides.  10-12

Saturday 10/29/11- 5-10 miles in the snow.

Friday 10/28/11- 2 miles up, 3 miles race, 3 miles down and 22x 100m 9 miles.

Thursday 10/27/11 pretty horrible weather out- kids ran an easy 2 miles.

 Wednesday 10/26/11–  kids watched the Long Green line before heading out on a 4.2 mile loop followed by 12*100m for a total of 5 miles. Thanks XC parents for putting together such a great dinner!!!!!

Tuesday 10/25/11- kids had a quick team meeting followed by 45-50 minutes steady and either 10x 160m or in the case of the Riffs and the Vinci 1.5 miles at Lt and 10x 160m for a total of between 6-9.5.

Monday 10/24/11- kids ran 30 minutes warmie before hitting stretch/ drills/ strides (10) and either ….4x 800m on a 5-6 minute cycle led by Alex Maeda in 2:22 avg. or as a few of the top dogs did 6x 1600m with a 30-45 sec rest in – :5:40 (5:29) /5:30 (5:34) /5:20 5:19)/5:10 (5:11)/5:00 (5:03)/4:50 (4:59), Caroline hit 5x 1600m finishing in 5:23!!!!!!!!, coolie of 2 laps and 10x 160m for a total of 7-11 on the dizzle.