Week of 10/17/11

Saturday 10/22/11- PRACTICE AT 8:00 AM AT TURNING BASIN PARK!!!!!!! Kids hit between 7 and 9 miles before hitting 2-4x a mile on the circuit, finished with 16x 100m.  Top dogs hit 14.25 and 12x 100m.  Good day- great week!!!!!


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Friday 10/21/11- most kids hit 40-60 minutes easy followed by 2 miles at LT for total of 7-10.75 on the afternoon.  Top dogs hit this year’s final bowbeater.  Jake led all with 9:32 (58 seconds rest) 66( 40 seconds rest) 4:53, Dan was right behind him, 2nd and 3rd best bowl beaters in Pirate History!!!!!!!!

Thursday 10/20/11- most pirates hit 20 minutes up plus stretch drills and strides before embarking on 13*400 on 2-2:45 cycles between the 4 groups.  Groups cooled down 2 laps and got in 10 x 160m FAST.  Top dogs hit 65 minutes plus 8 minutes at LT  and 2 laps easy for 11 on the afternoon.

Wednesday 10/19/11- team metting followed by 250 proper sit-ups, 100 reps of nut-crackers, and 2:30 of wall sits before hitting a VERY EASY 30 minute run.

Tuesday 10/18/11- 2.2-5 miles up followed by 2k-3k of LT at Conover 2.2 miles coolie followed by 10x 160m strides. Totals 7-10.

Monday 10/17/11- kids got in a 20-30 minute warmup followed by stretching drills and 8x 100m.  Aftewrwhich most of the guys n gals got in 8*800m on a 5-7 minute cycle followed by two laps easy and 5x 160m for between 7.5-8.  The top Gals and guys got in 7 developmental mile reps they were shooting for 6/5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10/5:00- they hit (5:57/5:50/5:27/5:22/5:15/5:15/5:14/5:03) with 30-50 seconds rest after a 4 mile warmie.  Caroline got in 5 reps (6:00/5:53/5:43/5:38/5:41) cooldown was 2 easy laps jogging for 11.5 on the afternoon.