Week of 10/3/11


I hate what this guy did to pooches but he has a very good quote starting at the 4 minute mark. We have the personnel- we need a gut check.

Sunday 10/9/11- Manhattan or off, most people took off.

Saturday 10/8/11-  pre meet for those running Manhattan, otherrs ran between 8 and 12 miles steady on the DnR towpath.

Friday 10/7/11- kids who are competing Sunday got in 5 miles, a mile of strides and 2 miles easy for 8 on the afternoon.  Those not competing warmed up 2.2 miles to Conover Park, strteched and did drills as a team before getting oin 17-20x 300 on a 95-105 sec cycle.  2.2 down for around 8 on the afternoon.

Thursday 10/6/11- easy recovery day and a mile of strides for between 5-7 on the day.

Wednesday 10/5/11- 6-8.5 miles steady followed by either 1.5 miles at effort followed by 800m worth of strides or (if running at Manhattan) a fast 600m followed by an easy lap of jogging and 10x 160m strides for a total of 10.5 miles.  Caroline and Katie get in a total body lift.

Tuesday 10/4/11- most kids hit 2 miles up, 5k race and a cooldown of 15 minutes and 30x 100m.  Top dogs cooled down for 50 minutes to get about 12 on the day.  Those who stayed at home hit 2 miles up followed by 4*1 mile with a 150m rest jog, 1 mile coolie for 7 on the afternoon.

Monday 10/3/11- kids got in either pre-meet or in the varsity’s case developmental miles of 5:42/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10 and 4:57 with a 1 min rest.  1 mile cooldown for 10 on the day, Caroline hit 3 miles up and 5x 1600 at LT with 1 mile down for 9.