Week of 9/26/11-

Sunday 10/2/11- 11:00 PRACTICE AT HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! 8-13 steady miles.

Saturday 10/1/11- 10:00 bus to HOLMDEL kids ran 2 miles up- 5k at GP, followed by either a cooldown of strides and distanbce or in the varsity’s case 6 miles for a total of 11.

Friday 9/30/11- kids hitpre meet (15-30:00) followed by strides or (if not running- 3 miles up followed by cruise intervals at LT over 937m for around 4 miles (7 reps) cooldown was 20x 100m barefoot and 1200m cooldown for around 9 on the day.

Thursday 9/29/11- 40-50 min oyo

 Wednesday  9/28/11 most kids ran a 5k duel with standard cd of 10 minutes and 20x 100m- others warmed up 2 miles and hit 6 minute pace for 2x race duration- short cooldown follwing

Tuesday 9/27/11- kids ran between 20 and 40 minutes easy core after.

Monday 9/26/11- kids warmed up between 3-4 miles before hitting between 6-10x 800m.  Most kids hit 3x 800 on a 5-6 minute cycle before resting 3 minutes and going at it again.  Finished with 20x 100m and a mile of easy jogging for around 8.  Top dogs hit 4 miles up and 10*800m on a strict 4:30 cycle, 1 mile down for 10 on the afternoon.