Week of 9/12/11-

Boys Ranked 14th in the Universe

Sunday 9/18/11- R and R- except for COACH COBURN !!!

Matthew Coburn

Bib: #3229, Race: Half Marathon

Point Time Time of Day Pace
START 00:00:00 8:03:13 am
5K 00:22:01   07:05
10K 00:42:58   06:45
10M 01:08:26   06:44
FINISH 01:29:39   06:50
    Avg. Pace 06:51



Saturday 9/17/11 – kids either stayed at the hs and got in 8 miles and 20 x 100m or made the trip to Washington X-ing Park for their long run of between 1:30-1:50, everyone finished with 20*100m

Friday 9/16/11- those recovering from yesterday’s workout hit …A . 7.2 mile run followed by 5 laps at 5:50 pace for around 8.5 on the day.  B (girls A) hit 7.2 miles (last 2 miles hard), C (girls B) hit 2.5 miles, 20x 100m, 2.5 miles.  Top dogs and Caroline hit 2-4 miles warmie followed by Stretch drills strides (8 x 100m).  Everyone hit 2*3200m at G 5k pace with 10 minute recovery between.  Caroline hit 11:10/11:06.  Jake led the dudes with 9:49/9:44, 2 mile coolie for between 8-10 on the afternoon.  Impressive performances.

Thursday 9/15/11- groups either hit a 50 minute (Omega Team) run or a 1.5 mile warmie followed by stretching drills and strides (10) Team then got into their training groups and completed a tough Montana session.   30-40x 300m on very short rest cycles. Vinci led all with 40x 300m on a 90 seconds cycle.  1 mile cool down.

Wednesday 9/14/11- Kids split into 3 groups,  those who raced yesterday hit 50 minutes steady followed by 20*160m, those who didn’t run ran time trial over 5k- 4.2 miles followed by 2 laps down and plenty of strides (20). Top dogs <woof woof> hit 3 miles up followed by 7 miles at 5:40 pace and a cooldown of 10*160m strides for 11 on the day.

Tuesday 9/13/11- kids that raced hit 2 miles up followed by 5 k race and a cooldown of 10 minutes and 20 x 100m.  Caroline ran a longer cooldown of around 5 miles. Top dogs hit 8 miles followed by 1.5 miles at LT and a mile cooldown (2 laps and 8 x 100m) for 10.5 on the day.

Monday 9/12/11- kids ran either a pre meet of 50 minutes and strides (10x 160) or for a few of us, Top guys (Riifs, Sheldon, AJ, Karthik) warmed up for 3 miles and hit a developmental ladder of 5:50/ 5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10/5:00 Caroline hit the same workout down from 6:10, developmental group warmed up and hit 12*400m on a 2:30 cycle.