Week of 9/5/11

 Friday 9/9/11- top dogs and Caroline hit 25 minutes and stretch, drills strides (8) before hitting mile reps (4-5) on a 8 min cycle.  Top dogs averaged around 5 :02 for the full 5, Caroline avg’d 5:43.  Crossey led the rest of the ladies in 6:15 for her 4 reps on a 10 minute cycle.  Boys B hit 4*1600 on a 9 minute cycle, Boys C hit  3*1600 on a 10 min cycle.  Cooldown for everyone was a mile plus core in small groups. Not a good day- plenty of pirates pooped their deck, walked dar plank, not good- better bring your A game tomorrow guys and gals. For those of you who don’t know how to get er done- watch below. “try to unlock your mind- no matter how bad you feel YOU CAN DO BETTER”– Joe Newton

Watch more video of Joe Newton on flotrack.org


Thursday 9/8/11-   6-9 miles steady followed by 10x 150m for a total of 7-10 on the day- most of the efforts were solid (75% of Vmax) Top guys hit 2 miles easy- 6 miles at 5:45 pace.  Good day.

Wednesday 9/7/11- 4.2-7.25 mile run followed by kickers.  Top group of boys hit 7.25 steady miles followed by 2 miles in 11 minutes and an 800 in 2:30 , 2 laps down for around 10 on the day.  B group boys and A girls hit 6.2 miles followed by 1.5 miles at LT and 80m at G5k pace, 2 laps down for a total of 8.5 on the day.  C boys and B girls hit 4.2 miles followed by a hard mile, cooldown of 2 laps and 8 strides.  Group core after and lower body lift.

Tuesday 9/6/11- 2 miles up in the rain followed by stretch and drills, kids then got into ‘Montanas’ over 300m on Joanne St..  Top group of boys hit 30*300m on a 90 sec cycle.  B Group boys hit 20*300m on a 1:50 second cycle. C group boys hit 17*300 on a 2:00 cycle.  Caroline went with A boys through 25 reps.  Top ladies hit 20*300 on a 2 min cycle.  Great day, great work considering, 1 mile down for a total of around 8.5 miles.

Monday 9/5/11- Labor Day kids took off or ran their 6 miles,.