Week of 8/22/11

 Saturday 8/27/11 kids ran between 50 and 65 minutes before getting in 1-2x a mile followed by 20x 100m .  Top group achieved 12 miles.

Friday 8/26/11- 2.5 up, 20-27x 150m Arreton Rd Hill, 2.5 down.  Great day- you looked strong Pirates.

Thursday 8/25/11- kids all ran 50 steady minutes and stretched as a team- lifters got in their upper body routine.

Wednesday 8/24/11- Pirates took advantage of perfect weather for between 9-16.5 miles.  Pirates worked the ast 2.5 -4.5 miles hard depending on their groups.  Sheldon led the way with his last 4.5 in the 5:25-5:35 range. Caeroline led the ladies with 14.5, last 4.5 hard and 8 strides.  Everyone finished with 8-16x 100m.  Ritas Water ice follwing run!!!!!

Tuesday 8/23/11- kids ran between 6 and 8.5 miles before hitting 1.5 miles at LT, 2 laps cooldown for between 8 and 10.5 on the morning.

Monday 8/22/11- kids ran 3 miles up followed by 4 (ladies B), 5 (dudes B), 6, (Girls A) 7 (Caroline) and 8 (dudes A) miles on the Greenway preserve loop.  Caroline ran her finest run ever in 46:15, Jake Riff led the dudes in 47:47, everyone cooled down 1 mile plus 16*100m for a total of 8.5-13 on the morning.