Week of 8/15/11-

Saturday 8/20/11- 6-10 miles steady followed by 1-2 miles of LT and 8-16x 100m for a total of 7-12miles.  Great week.

Friday 8/19/11- 2.5 up, 20-25x 150m Hill, 2.5 down.

Thursday 8/18/11- kids ran abt 45 min before doing some team core.  Upper body lift after.

Wednesday 8/17/11- kids ran steady between 7 and 17.5 miles.  Groups included 7 miles, 80 min, 9 miles, 11.5, 13.5, 16.2 and 17.5.  Dan R reportedly slept for 15 hours and moaned in agony.  That has to be worth something. Between 8 and 16 strides after.

Tuesday 8/16/11- 4.3- 8 miles steady followed by organized core.  Top dogs hit 8 miles followed by 1 mile at LT and 1 mile easy for a total of 10.

Monday 8/15/11- 1st day of mandatory practice, kids got in 3 miles up before hoisting forth or a series of sustained longer runs of between 3-6 miles on the preserve hill. top dogs came back with a strong mile led by alum and Penn Star kevin Foy in 5:13, Caroline led the ladies with 6 miles at 6:35 pace.  Good day for some- eye opening for others, we have a lots of work to do if we’re going to live up to our name. Top group totals 12.