Week of 8/1/11-

Saturday 8/6/11- kids hit between 50-65 minutes at easy aerobic pace before hitting between 1-2 miles at 80%, cooldown of 5 minutes and 16x 100m. Good day. Top dogs hit about  12 miles.

Friday  8/5/11- kids ran 2.5 miles up to the hill before getting between 15- 21x 150m hill.  2.5 miles down- PM lifting of upper body at the high school.

Wednesday 8/3/11–  legendary day for a legendary group, guys took advantage of the great weather and ran 16.2 miles to the Griggstown lock and back before hitting 16x 100m strides for 17.2 on the day, Nicole “i’m on a new level” crossey handled the 11.5 mile run with ease followed by Katie D and 16x 100m to finish with 12.5 on the day.  Great day- everyone worked hard!!!!

Monday 8/1/11- kids ran around 3 miles up before hitting some drils and strides.  Afterwhich groups attacked the preserves’s hill.  Top dogs and ladies hit 2x 3 miles with around 5 minutes rest between.  Everyone completed a coolie of one mile easy and 16-20x 100m. Crossey’s 2nd 3 mile was 20:30!!!!!!!!!!