Week of 8/29/11-




SATURDAY 9/3/11– kids ran between 5 and 9 steady miles before hitting between 2-3 mile reps and a half mile coolie.  Sheldon led all with 9 miles and 5:30/5:02.  Not a bad summer Pirates.

FRIDAY 9/2/11 -team met at Witherspoon lot , 2.5 miles up followed by between 20 and 30 x 150 m Arreton Rd Hill- last of the season, team looked great!!!! Total of up to 7.8 miles on the day.

THURSDAY 9/1/11– PRACTICE AT HSS 3:00 PM- kids hit between 2.25 and 5 miles up followed by 1 mile at RP effort and 2.25 miles down – team core in XC room.  Totals 5.5-8.25 miles.

Wednesday 8/31/11kids ran between 6 and 10 miles before hitting a variety of kickers.  Top dogs hit 10 steady miles followed by 2 miles (steady / kick) J Riff led all with just under 6 and just under 5.  Caroline led the ladies with 6:12/5:48.  Everyone finished with 16-20x 100m.  Dan Riff hit a modified 2 miles up followed by miles of 5:55/5:54/5:30/5:12/5:15/5:20 with a standing rest of 10-15 sec. sprints after.

Tuesday 8/30/11- 23 minute (3 mile) warmie followed by team strechy- groups then were formed to cover courses at 5k, 4.2 nd 10k.  Boys were led by Dan Sheldon and Jake Riff who hit 10k in 34:15, Caroline led the ladies with a 10k in 39:10, all cooldowns were a mileof easy joggin and 16x 100m.  Lower body lifting and core after.  Great day.

Monday 8/29/11- hopefully Pirates ran as directed for 60-75 minutes and 20x 100m strides.

Week of 8/22/11

 Saturday 8/27/11 kids ran between 50 and 65 minutes before getting in 1-2x a mile followed by 20x 100m .  Top group achieved 12 miles.

Friday 8/26/11- 2.5 up, 20-27x 150m Arreton Rd Hill, 2.5 down.  Great day- you looked strong Pirates.

Thursday 8/25/11- kids all ran 50 steady minutes and stretched as a team- lifters got in their upper body routine.

Wednesday 8/24/11- Pirates took advantage of perfect weather for between 9-16.5 miles.  Pirates worked the ast 2.5 -4.5 miles hard depending on their groups.  Sheldon led the way with his last 4.5 in the 5:25-5:35 range. Caeroline led the ladies with 14.5, last 4.5 hard and 8 strides.  Everyone finished with 8-16x 100m.  Ritas Water ice follwing run!!!!!

Tuesday 8/23/11- kids ran between 6 and 8.5 miles before hitting 1.5 miles at LT, 2 laps cooldown for between 8 and 10.5 on the morning.

Monday 8/22/11- kids ran 3 miles up followed by 4 (ladies B), 5 (dudes B), 6, (Girls A) 7 (Caroline) and 8 (dudes A) miles on the Greenway preserve loop.  Caroline ran her finest run ever in 46:15, Jake Riff led the dudes in 47:47, everyone cooled down 1 mile plus 16*100m for a total of 8.5-13 on the morning.

Week of 8/15/11-

Saturday 8/20/11- 6-10 miles steady followed by 1-2 miles of LT and 8-16x 100m for a total of 7-12miles.  Great week.

Friday 8/19/11- 2.5 up, 20-25x 150m Hill, 2.5 down.

Thursday 8/18/11- kids ran abt 45 min before doing some team core.  Upper body lift after.

Wednesday 8/17/11- kids ran steady between 7 and 17.5 miles.  Groups included 7 miles, 80 min, 9 miles, 11.5, 13.5, 16.2 and 17.5.  Dan R reportedly slept for 15 hours and moaned in agony.  That has to be worth something. Between 8 and 16 strides after.

Tuesday 8/16/11- 4.3- 8 miles steady followed by organized core.  Top dogs hit 8 miles followed by 1 mile at LT and 1 mile easy for a total of 10.

Monday 8/15/11- 1st day of mandatory practice, kids got in 3 miles up before hoisting forth or a series of sustained longer runs of between 3-6 miles on the preserve hill. top dogs came back with a strong mile led by alum and Penn Star kevin Foy in 5:13, Caroline led the ladies with 6 miles at 6:35 pace.  Good day for some- eye opening for others, we have a lots of work to do if we’re going to live up to our name. Top group totals 12.

Week of 8/8/11-

Saturday 8/13/11- kids ran 50-60 minutes before hitting a mile of strides (20*80m), for a total of up to 10 mi.

Friday 8/12/11- kids warmed up 2.5 miles to the hill before ripping off 2 more hills than they accomplished last week- to the tune of up to 23!!!!, 2.5 down.

Wednesday 8/10/11- men hit Mulberry St. in the Polish section of Nj before heading back for 16x 100m, B group hit 14.5 and C group hit 11, D group 9.  Everyone finished with a mile of strides.  Top dogs finish the morning with 17.5.  Ladies went as long as 11 with 16x 100m for 12.  Great day- tough run.

Tuesday 8/9/11- kids hit an easy run oyo and met to lift legs at the high school.

Monday 8/8/11- happy anniversary Siegels!!!!!!! kids warmed up for 3 miles before getting into the body of the workout.  Top dogs hit 4 miles easy (6 min. pace) followed by a 5 minutes rest and 3 miles at a good clip- Sheldon followed alum Schoepfs with 16:58 for 3 hilly miles.  B group led by coach coburn hit 3 miles followed by a 5 minute rest and 1-2x 1 mile .  Great day.  Top ladies hit 4 miles steady state and 3 miles hard as well- everyone cooled down 1 mile followed by 16*100m for a total of up to 11.

Week of 8/1/11-

Saturday 8/6/11- kids hit between 50-65 minutes at easy aerobic pace before hitting between 1-2 miles at 80%, cooldown of 5 minutes and 16x 100m. Good day. Top dogs hit about  12 miles.

Friday  8/5/11- kids ran 2.5 miles up to the hill before getting between 15- 21x 150m hill.  2.5 miles down- PM lifting of upper body at the high school.

Wednesday 8/3/11–  legendary day for a legendary group, guys took advantage of the great weather and ran 16.2 miles to the Griggstown lock and back before hitting 16x 100m strides for 17.2 on the day, Nicole “i’m on a new level” crossey handled the 11.5 mile run with ease followed by Katie D and 16x 100m to finish with 12.5 on the day.  Great day- everyone worked hard!!!!

Monday 8/1/11- kids ran around 3 miles up before hitting some drils and strides.  Afterwhich groups attacked the preserves’s hill.  Top dogs and ladies hit 2x 3 miles with around 5 minutes rest between.  Everyone completed a coolie of one mile easy and 16-20x 100m. Crossey’s 2nd 3 mile was 20:30!!!!!!!!!!