Week of 7/25/11

Saturday 7/29/11-  kids ran steady between 45 and 65 minutes before hitting a mile at 85-90% and finishing with between 16-20x 100m. for between 7-10.5

Friday 7/28/11- 2.5 miles up followed by stretchin and between 15 (ladies) and 19 (dudes) x 150m , 2.5 down, PM upper body lift with Jim “the body” Carvahlo.  Good day.

Wednesday 7/26/11- top dogs hit 15 steady miles followed by 8x 100m for a total of 15.5, Alum Danny O hit 16 finishing at 6 minute pace for the last 7-8 milers- you’re welcome St. Joes- Caroline led the ladies with 14.5 and 8 strides for 15.  Shortest group was 10 miles!!!!! most kids hit between 13-15.

Monday 7/25/11-  3 miles up- top group hit 3miles, 2 miles, and 1 mile at 80-85% about 5 reps between each set, cooldown of 1 mile and 16x 100m bf strides for a total of 11 miles- other groups hit sets of 2 miles.  Good day.

Week of 7/18/11


Saturday 7/23/11- kidfs ran between 35 and 55 minutes before either doing a Mile of Madness or a mile at 5k goal before hitting a coolie of 2 laps and 8 bf strides.  Top group finished the day with 10.

 Friday 7/22/11-  pirates get in scheduled 13 (ladies) to 17 (dudes) x 150m hills with 2.5 miles up and back- water, shade, and rest!! 100 degrees by the end of practice!!!

 Wednesday 7/20/11- kids got in between 9-14.5 miles plus 8-16x 100m strides.  Totaling between 9.5-15 on ther morning. Caroline led the ladies with around 13.5 plus strides for 14.  Great day considering heat and humidity….rough out there- you Pirates are warriors.

Monday 7/18/11- kids got in 3 miles up followed by a series of loops on the mile course.  Caroline Crossey and X-in Ran led the way with 3*2 miles, guys hit the same led by Dan Sheldon who av’d around 5:45 per mile. 1 lap down followed by 16x 100m for close to 11 on the morning for top groups. All in all a very good day. Some of us need to GET TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!

Week of 7/11/11

Friday 7/14/11- 2.5 miles up followed by 12-15x 150m hill, 2.5 down.  PM upperbody lift.

Wednesday 7/13/11- long day- kids hit between 7.5 and 13.5 followed by 10x 100m for a total of 8-14 on the day.  Great work.  Ladies were led by Caroline who hit 11.5 plus strides for 12.

Tuesday 7/12/11- lifting pm – leg routine.

Monday 7/11/11- 3 miles up, most top dogs hit 2x 2 miles with 3 minutes or so between.  Leaders hit 11:44 and 11:35.  Other groups hit 3x 1 mile and 2 miles followed by 1 mile.  All cooldowns consisted of 1 mile easy and 10x 100m.

Week 1- Summer 2011

Friday 7/8/11- 2.5 miles up, 10-13 x 150m steep hill , 2.5 down

Wednesday 7/6/11- pirates hit between 5-12.5 steady miles before hitting 10x 100m strides for a total of 5.5-13.  Good first long day.

Tuesday 7/5/11- pirates got in between 30 and 55 minutes of aerobic running before heading into some drills and strides (8-12)

Friday 7/1/11- 1st day of organized practice kids- warmed up 2.5 miles to Mt. Areton and got in between 3-10 reps with two reps of skipping before heading back for 2.5 miles down.