Week of 6/6/11

To the Men and Women of Pirate Cross Country;

            You are to be applauded for taking an initial step to earning self-respect and fulfilling a measure of what is to become a lifelong quest to realize a very personal prophecy of human potential.  All of you, collectively, will be asked henceforth to take a step towards becoming a better you.  Each day you will set aside time to inch forward.  You will learn consistency, discipline, toughness, and responsibility.  The ‘you’ one year from now will be markedly greater than the ‘you’ of today. Distance running can be perhaps the best mode of human improvement available.  Your test will be to get better each day- to be consumed with the ideals of self- enhancement.

            For the past five years PIRATE cross country has emerged from the grips of eternal mediocrity to the precipice of greatness.  It has all been accomplished from believers who, through hard work, became achievers.  Not all of you will toe the line in 24 weeks on the well-tilled Elysian fields of Holmdel NJ… but all of you will be contributing to the experience.  Like a chain we are only as strong as our weakest link.  Thankfully there are several natural laws that govern and reward success in our sport. They are-

  • If you show up to work with a positive attitude every day and choose to do your best you will improve.  Consistency and faith will set you free. You can’t become great in a day or during the course of some fictitious 3 minute Hollywoodesque montage.   Greatness takes time and effort.  Time and effort is what will be asked of all of you, greatness is the fruit we will bear together.
  • Nothing is nothing but something can become everything. Taken a step further as long as we’re out here we should be committed to making this journey truly extraordinary.  We’re not out here digging ditches- we’re endeavoring to build an empire of accomplishment. 

Lastly- at this point our season is nothing but opportunity and possibility.  We have the same chance of winning or losing than any other team in the state.  It is what we do in these next days, weeks, and months that will determine everything.  We are, at this point, in complete control of our destiny. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!! Will you commit? I will.  Will you outwork everyone else? I will.  Will you strive to make this season the best experience possible?  I will.  You have my promise, can I have yours??



Coach Wayton


Coach Siegel

Monday 6/6/11- either s distance run (50-60) with strides or in Eddison case- 500m at G800 followed by 4x 150 empasizing peoper form.