Week of 5/30/11


Watch more video of Flotrack’s Tasty Race and Kick of the Week 2011 on flotrack.org

Sunday 3/8/11- either a recovery of 45-60:00 and strides or in Schoepfer’s case a run followed by an 800m run at MGP and strides, or the 4x 800 crowd who hit a warmie followed by a 500 in 69 with form 150’s after.

Saturday 3/7/11- either run or race.

Friday 3/6/3/11- pre meet or Mile at NJSIAA.  Schoepfer runs a strong 3rd!!!!

Thursday 6/2/11- either premeet or 200 reps on a 90 sec. cycle for the 4*800m crowd.  Dougie led all avg. 28.5.

Wednesday 6/1/11 45-50 minutes steady followed by either a 300m at G800 pace (4x 800 crowd) or a few 150m r/eps to work on form (16-32) followed by 2 laps easy and core. –

Tuesday 5/31/11- 2- 4 miles up followed by either 2 miles at threshokd and a 200m kicker (Riff’s, Shcoepfer, Caroline) or a walk through 200-400-200 in 24/59/28 with minimum rest between) 2 laps down and core.

Monday 5/30/11- 45- 50 minutes steady followed by 2x 1600m at LT and 10x 100m with walk back recovery.