Week of 5/9/11

Sunday 5/15/11- for those who competed at MCC – long run of between 55-75 minutes and 16 x 100m 

Saturday 5/14/11- longish run on tp with Cappy Kenny- or compete at MCC!

Friday 5/13/11- those not running MCC got in a potpurri of running, steady distance, threshold, kicker, and strides with plyos

Thursday 5/12/11– steady distance for those running MCC or subabpalooza

 Wednesday 5/11/11- duel vs steinert or pre meet.

 HOW TO GET 2ND!!!!!

Run to the East Trailer from Run to the East on Vimeo.


Watch more video of 2011 Ivy League Heptagonal (Heps) Outdoor Track and Field Championships on flotrack.org


Watch more video of Lea Wallace on flotrack.org


Tuesday 5/10/11- most everyone got in a developmental ladder of steady distance, threshold, and short specificity. Top dogs got in 6.2 miles, 1.5 miles at LT and 300m fast.  2 laps down. 600 reps of core after.

Monday 5/9/11- everyone got in their 2 miles up followed by 10 fast strides and 4x 400m fast on a 2:30 cycle.  everyone got in their trainers and put in 20-40 minutes steady followed by 11x 150m strides.  Good day- incredibly nice weather.  Sheldon the wounded wonder got in 2 miles up followed by 4 miles in 22 minutes and 20x 150m .  Everyone got in their core after.