Week of 5/2/11

Sunday 5/8/11- all those who run at Mercer should get in the long run listed below ?.

Saturday 5/7/11- 9 am practice at Turning Basin Park- kids taking SAT should get in 8 miles steady followed by 4x a mile on the threshold course- everyone should finish with 16x 100m.

Friday 5/6/11- kids who ran last night got in 45 minutes of steady running followed by 600m @ GMP and 2 laps down . Sheldon led the way in 45 minutes, 1600 in 5:18, 600 in a putrid 1:47, 1600 in 5:22 and a coolie- all runners finished with plyo hops and 10 x 100m , finishing with 600 reps of core.  Those running tomorrow did a pre meet.

Thursday 5/5/11- either Pirates competed at the Holmdel Twilight meet or they ran a variety of sterady distance and short spec.600 reps after. 

Wednesday 5/4/11- Those competingt tomorrow at Holmdel Twilight got in their pre meet and scrammed- others competing on Saturday warmed up 3 miles before getting in between 2 and 4 miles of threshold running followed by 6-10 x 150m with hops, 2 laps down and core.

Tuesday 5/3/11- those not competing at the meet got in steady distance followed by strides.  Those competing (led by the Riff’s 4:25 miles) got in good work followed by runs of 20-40 minutes and barefoot strides. Good day.

Monday 5/2/11- kids worked into groups- if running in the meet on Tuesday kids got into a 2 mile warmup followed by 3.1-3.8 miles of threshold running and hast strides after (10x 100m barefoot for top group).  Those not competing got in their 5x 400m on a 2:45 cycle on grass at the park.  Good day.