Week of 4/18/11-

Saturday 4/23/11- 70-80 minutes steady in the rain- rough.

Friday 4/22/11–  2 miles up and stretch, drills, strides (8) before hitting 1000m at 105-110 % of goal pace followed by 2 laps and 10x 100m with drills between.  Good day.

Thursday 4/21/11- kids hit steady distance before hitting a kicker- good day.

 Wednesday 4/20/11skeleton crew of warriors got in 2 miles up followed by 4 miles of LT followed by a fast 400 and 16x 100m barefoot.  Those competing against North got in a varity of tremendous performances.  Doogie officially is under 4:30! Dan O dropped another PR, as did just about everyone who ran in the mile, huge 800 PR from Sean Fergs and great double back from Dan Riff in the deuce (9:39) .  We’re getting there Pirates!!!!

Tuesday 4/19/11- most guys and gals got in steady distance followed by either drills or MOM. Schoepfer – in Dana Hills Cali got in 700m in 1:40 before jogging two laps and hitting 200’s at RP.  Great effort.


Monday 4/18/11- kids got in 8 laps up before completing a variety of workouts- the majority of which got in 7 x 400m on a 3:30 cycle.  Riff, Oconnell and Maeda led the way in the 62-64 range.  The Penn crowd got in threshold reps at 2-4 miles.  Eddison got in a combo of 2 miles at LT and 400 at %%.  Penn crowd got in 10x 100m with hops and over unders between