Week of 4/11/11



Sunday 4/17/11- Those who competed at the meet on Saturday met at the tow path for a long run 0f between 10-12.5 miles.  Good day

Saturday 4/16/11-   those who didn’t compete at Co relays got in their mileage on the towpath (6-12).  Those who competed at Co relays kicked butt in very tough conditions!!! Alex Wan may have been the hero of the day!!!!!!!!!!

Friday  4/15/11- VINCI, YVONNE, SHELBY AND NIV BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!!!   Those not competing tomorrow got in a few miles followed by str drills and strides before either hitting a mile time trial followed by 20-25 x 100m fast or 4-5 miles at LT followed by the same total of strides.  Geat day- we’re getting there PIRATES!!!!!!!!

Thursday 4/14/11- steady distance followed by a few strides and core ot enjoy the beautiful weather.

Wednesday 4/13/11- those not competing hit 2 miles up followed by 4 miles at LT led by Albert, Miller and Vinci in 24 min.  followed by about a mile coolie.  Those competing ran against Princeton, some great performances,  Dharin goes under 2!!!- 3 more guys at 2:03 or under!!!! Jeff and Wonton make it 23 PIRATES under 5!!!!!!1

Tuesday 4/12/11- those competing tomorrow hit steady mileage followed by 10 strides and core.  Those not hit 35-45 minutes followed by 4-8 laps at threshold followed by 2 laps down and core.

Monday 4/11/11- 8 laps up, strt, drills, strides (8) followed by 8*400m on a 4:00 cycle.  Dan Riff led all avg between 62-63. Penn crowd hit spec followed by power.  4x 800m group hit 650m at GP followed by 4 sets of 200, 150, 100.  Girls hit 75% of goal distance followed by the same sprints.  Schoepfer led the guys with a 650 in 1:33.  May hit 2:28, Ingrid 2:48 for 900m and Caroline hit 3:46 for 1200.  Great day, hot and windy.