Week of 4/4/11





Saturday 4/9/11- kids hit between 7-13 with a crisp last 2.5 miles on the feeder canal’s towpath- great weather- beautiful run 

Friday 4/8/11  Everyone hit 10*200 with 200 rest complete with overunders and plyos.

 Thursday 4/7/11- SUCCESSFUL SUBAPALOZZA!!!!!! NORA , COCO , MILLER, AND THE BOOOOSH ALL MAKE IT UNDER!!!!! WOWSERS!!!!! BOYS ALREADY HAVE 21 UNDER 5!!!!!! Those who competed on wednesday hit 40 minutes followed by 1.5-2 miles at LT and a mile of madness with 30 reps of burpeees, mountain climbers, jumpin jacks,a nd coes.

Wednesday 4/6/11- either pre meet for tomorrow’s Palooza or Duel vs. Notre Dame, some great breakthrough performances!!! DAN OCONNELL 4:37!!!!!!, GEORGE HAMILTON 10:14!!!!!!!!! NANA 5:57!!!!!!! WAY TO GO PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/5/11- steady state run of 30-60 minutes followed by 8-10 strides.  Those not competing warmed up 2 miles and hit 5k at LT followed by 3 easy laps and 4 strides for 6 on the day!!


VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Monday 4/4/11- everyone hit 2 miles up followed by stretch, drills, strides (8), and either 600m or 1050m of specificity followed by 2 laps easy and 12x 75m fast with plyo hops (10x) over unders, and 35x mountain climbers between each. Dan Riff  and Maeda led everyone through the 1050 in 2:48 (4:15.6) and Shoepfs led the guys through the 600m at 1:24 (1:51.6).  Caroline led the ladies through 1050 at 5:12 pace and Ingrid and May hit 1:48 for their 600 (2:24).  2 laps down followed by 600 reps of core.  Great day.