Week of 2/28/11

Pirates explode in NYC.  Girls obliterate DMR record, BOYS MAKE A MOCKERY OF 4X 8 RECORD! EWA EWA…..EWA EWA.

Saturday 3/5/11- long run of between 5-13 miles followed by 16x 100m.  First tow path day in ages!!!!! Nationals group hit 20 minutes up- 3/4 f their race distance , 4-6 x 200 fast and 15-20 minutes down.

Friday 3/4/11- kids got in a few mile sof easy running before hitting between 15-26x 400m , 2 laps down. 

Thursday 3/3/11- recovery run (progressive run) followed by a kicker and coolie. NYC group hit theshold runs between 2-4 miles .  Schoepfer led the way with 2x 3200 in 10:28 and 10:38.  standard coolie after.

Wednesday 3/2/11*- young men and ladies got in 2-4 miles of thrshold running followed by a quick coolie with strides.  Good day- very cold.

Tuesday 3/1/11-  those not competing at Easterns got in a schweet 40 minute easy run followed by a fast mile and a short coolie.  GITRDUN.


Monday 2/28/11- Kids either hit a pre meet in prep for Easterns or warmed up for 20 minutes, got in their str, drills, and strides (8) followed by an 800m at GMP a 2 lap jog and 3 sets of 200, 150, 100 interspersed with hurdle over unders and an extra 100m sprint at the end to keep things even.  2 laps down.