Week of 3/28/11


Watch more video of 2011 Stanford Invitational on flotrack.org

Sunday 4/3/11- either off or Run on towpath between 75-85 minutes steady. 

Saturday 4/2/11longish day (8-13) or Summit relays  

Friday 4/1/11- recovery or pre meet day

Thursday 3/31/11- warmie followed by 25x 400m on a 2-2:30 cycle or specificity (Penn Crowd) .  Guys ran 500’s at GP followed by one 300 and 5x 200m on a short cycle.  Drizzling out.  Last 400m day!!!!!! (1st was 12/28/11!!!!!!!)

Wednesday 3/30/11- kids warmed up 2 miles and ran between 3-6x 160m at threshold with a 150m rest jog between each rep. Schoepfer led the dudes in an avg of 5:06 with a last rep in 4:58, Caroline led the ladies with an avg of 5:40ish for 5.  1 mile coolie

Tuesday 3/29/11- between 4-6 miles of running (last half progressive) or 9 miles steady followed by a Mile of Madness.

Monday 3/28/11- 2 miles up followed by either 550m or 1000m at 800m or 1600m repsectively followed by 800m of easy joggin and sprints of 80,70,60m interspersed with plyo hops, overunders, and mountain climbers (25).  Everyone did 4 sets total (12 reps), 800m coolie followed by core.  Riff  led the 1k group in 2:41 (4:17) , Schoepfs had to run out to lane 23 to go around the sprinters and still managed a 1:19 (1:54 pace).  Good day.

Week of 3/21/11

Saturday 3/26/11- most kids ran the scrimmage- others ran at the tow path- top dogs hit 14.4 (last 4.5 hard) – top ladies hit about 13.5 (last 4.5 hard.

Friday 3/25/11- easy run for those competing at the scrimmage or workout for the Penn crowd.  Riff, Sheldon and Oconnell completed 25*400 on a 2 minute cycle avg 71 seconds.  The 4×8 crowd hit reps at 500 at GP followed by reps at 300.  Girls hit 3x 50% of goal distance at Goal pace with full 400m recovery.

Thursday 3/24/11- all those competing Saturday run their 400’s. 8 laps followed by stretching, drills,a nd strides (8).   Top group hit 25x 400m on a 2 minute cycle- just incredible, Top ladies hit 19x 400m on a 2:30 cycle!!! 2 laps down.

Wednesday 3/23/11- 5k- – 5 miles of threshold running. followed by a 13 minutes of running

Tuesday 3/22/11- 2.3 mile warmie to Conover followed by either 2 miles progressive or 5 miles steady state followed by a mile of madness (mountain climbers, burpees, jumpin jax, and pushups).

Monday 3/21/11- 500-950m of GP running followed by 2 laps easy and 12x 120m fast (flying last 60m) in between each rep was plyo hops followed by over-unders.

Week of 3/7/11


Wednesday 3/9/11-

Tuesday 3/8/11- most kids got in a steady 40 minutes followed by 6 threshold laps and a fast 300m run, 1 lap jogging and core on the infield.   

Monday 3/7/11- k ids got in standard warmie of 2 miles, str, drills, and 8x 100m before hitting 800m at GMP followed by two laps recovery and 5 sets of 100m, 75m, and 60m sprints, hurdles over unders followed each and every of the 15 reps. 2 laps down.  Good day.  NYC group hit 1 mile at 85 % followed by easy 300’s with full rest, short coolie after.

Week of 2/28/11

Pirates explode in NYC.  Girls obliterate DMR record, BOYS MAKE A MOCKERY OF 4X 8 RECORD! EWA EWA…..EWA EWA.

Saturday 3/5/11- long run of between 5-13 miles followed by 16x 100m.  First tow path day in ages!!!!! Nationals group hit 20 minutes up- 3/4 f their race distance , 4-6 x 200 fast and 15-20 minutes down.

Friday 3/4/11- kids got in a few mile sof easy running before hitting between 15-26x 400m , 2 laps down. 

Thursday 3/3/11- recovery run (progressive run) followed by a kicker and coolie. NYC group hit theshold runs between 2-4 miles .  Schoepfer led the way with 2x 3200 in 10:28 and 10:38.  standard coolie after.

Wednesday 3/2/11*- young men and ladies got in 2-4 miles of thrshold running followed by a quick coolie with strides.  Good day- very cold.

Tuesday 3/1/11-  those not competing at Easterns got in a schweet 40 minute easy run followed by a fast mile and a short coolie.  GITRDUN.


Monday 2/28/11- Kids either hit a pre meet in prep for Easterns or warmed up for 20 minutes, got in their str, drills, and strides (8) followed by an 800m at GMP a 2 lap jog and 3 sets of 200, 150, 100 interspersed with hurdle over unders and an extra 100m sprint at the end to keep things even.  2 laps down.