Week of 2/21/11-




Sunday 2/27/11- off or recovery run from MOC with a ton of striders

Saturday 2/26/11- CAROLINE SHATTERS COUNTRY MARK !!!!  In addition those not competing at MOC got in 70-80 minutes followed by reps over a mile and 16x 100m for between 12-14.

Friday 2/25/11- kids got in a distance run followed by a fast 300m meters and one lap coolie. MOC crowd hit a pre meet

Thursday 2/24/11- 2 miles up followed by drills and 15- 24x 400m.  Top Group was on a 2:10 cycle- 2nd boys group was at 2:25- ladies stayed at 2:40.  Great day, 2 laps down.  Wallack and Dharin raced over 700m before hitting some fast strides.  Ingrid and May hit 30 minutes up followed by a quick maintenance workout of 4-3-2x 2.  Good day – lots goin on.

Wednesday 2/23/11- 22 minutes up- very quick stretch.  Followed by 3.5 miles at threshold.  Top Dogs led the way at around 5:30/ mile.  Good day- short 800m coolie followed by a fast 300m and a few laps easy.  Good day.

Tuesday 2/22/11- 5 miles of progressive running finishing with 6x 200 (200 rest) at GMP.  Core after- good easy day.

Monday 2/21/11- kids got in a warmie followed by 600m at full flight, 600m rest jog and 10x 200 intersprsed with over underss- 2 laps down- good day!!!