Week of 2/14/11-



For those running Nationals USATF number is HERE

Saturday 2/19/11- kids hit at least 10 miles (some 12.5) steady in WW before getting in 16*100m strides. Karthik and Prathik got in some incredibly tough repeats over 400.  Prathik hit 25x 400m in rough freezing wind. ugh

Friday 2/18/11- 2 miles up followed by stretching drills and strides (8).  Afterwhich kids got into their groups for 400’s and hit between 13-23x 400m on a 2:10-2:40 minute cycle.  A few that may compete at Easterns got in the Bowerman 800m drill.  May hit 1:47.5 (rested 30 seconds) and hit 36.7 for 2:24ish, Dharin hit 1:29/31 for around 2 flat.  Good day. Incredible weather.  Those running Saturday hit a pre meet.

 Thursday 2/17/11– easy 50-60 minutes oyo

Wednesday 2/16/11- 20 minutes up followed by a sustained hard run over 5k, followed by 4x 200 at GMP and a short coolie.  Those competing this weekend hit threshold of between 2 – 4 miles followed by a coolie of easy jogging and strides.

Tuesday 2/15/11- kids got in 50-55 minutes with 10x 100m strides and plenty of core.

Monday 2/14/11- everyone got in 2.5 miles on the track (8 laps and 8 strides) Afterwhich everyone hit a fast 600 led by AJ (1:22 high) and a few minutes of jogging before hitting either 10x 150 or 10x 100m (for those competing this weekend) with full rec.  Good day. Core after.