Week of 2/7/11


Saturday 2/12/11- practice at 9:30 am at HSS!!! kids got in an hour steady and a 5k threshold- everyone ran very well before finishing with 16-20*100m

Friday 2/11/11- 2 miles up.  Most people did 400’s, between 15-22 on a 2:10-3:00 min cycle. easy coolie.  Those competing next week hit short specificity.  1600 crowd hit 1095 @ GMP followed by a minute rest and 720m hard.  3200m group hit 21 360m rest on our make shit track and the guys hit 2190 @ 3200 pace, and 800 crowd hit 3*365 on a short rest cycle.  Afterwards everyone got together got 200’s (8-10) fast (29-31) with a 160m rest jog between each.  Short coolie followed by core.

Thursday 2/10/11-  kids got in an easy aerobic run followed by strides and core.  Good day- colder than hell.

Wednesday 2/9/11- pirates endure a late might meet at Peddie- top dawgs and ladies run out of their events in prep for next weekends meet.

Tuesday 2/8/11- pre meet of 20 minutes or a 6-8 mile runa nd strides. 

Monday 2/7/11- everyone hit a 20 minute warmie with stretching, drills and strides (8) most kids hit 365 m @ Goal 800 pace followed by a lap easy and 8x 120m instersperesed with 20 coes, 10 Burpess, 20 Jumpin Jax and 20 mounatin climbers.  800m down and Kenny Core.  Those competing at States and beyond worked on specificity.  800 Group hit 4*500 @ 75 or under.  3200 Group hit 5*720m on a 4:20 cycle at Goal pace (sub 9:40) milers hit 720 @ MGP  followed by a 360 rest and 3-4*500 at GMP for a total of 2720m at GMP.  Cooldown was 800m of easy joggin followed by 10x 100m.  Core or lifting after.