Week of 1/31/11-

Watch and Learn





 WATCH AND LEARN!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 2/6/11- Captains practice at the school at noon, kids will be running steady for 75-80 minutes and getting in 2x a mile at 85 % followed by 16x 100m. Schoepfs and Caroline led the way for the MD crowd with 60 minutes and 4 miles at LT followed by 16x 100m for between 12.75-14 on the day.  Sheldona nd Markan got in 10 miles and 3 miles at thresh plus 16x 100m.  AJ got in 60 minutes, 2 miles at LT and 20x 100m.  Developmental group completed 60 steaqdy minutes and 2x 1600 followed by a mile of strides for 12.

Saturday 2/5/11- 50 – 60 minute run finishig the last 10 minutes crisp (Threshold) if weather allows strides would be great.

Friday 2/4/11- 2 miles up and between 13-21x 400m in the parking lot.  Top group was on a 2:15 cycle.  short cooldown.  Great effort considering the  calamity.

Thursday 2/3/11- those competing WON SECTIONALS!!!!!! Those training got in LT reps over 800m on campus.   (11 of them) on a short cycle.

Wednesday 2/2/11– everyone get in a run between 1-3pm- backroads should be safe- the more miles the more the merrier guys n gals!! remember that our success will not occur accidentally- know that many of your competitors will stay inside today- gain on them by working hard today, 1000 reps of core!!! Lets get after it!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 2/1/11- everyone hit a 20 minute warmie in the halls followed by stretching drills and strides.  Those in the sectional group hit another 15 minutes followed by core and a 5 minute cooldown.  Those in the developmental group hit 10* 275m loop in the halls interspersed with 40 coes, 40 mountain climbers, 20 burpess, and plyo hops.  short coolie following.  Great day considering.  In addition- everyone safely navigated around the cleaning chemicals in the science wing! Amen!!!!!

Monday 1/31/11- County Champs!! Kids swwept the county champs for the 2nd time this year!!! Way to Go Pirates!!!!!!! Everyone else braved the elements and got i a 2 mile warmie followed by 10x 800m at threshold and a 800m coolie.