Week of 2/21/11-




Sunday 2/27/11- off or recovery run from MOC with a ton of striders

Saturday 2/26/11- CAROLINE SHATTERS COUNTRY MARK !!!!  In addition those not competing at MOC got in 70-80 minutes followed by reps over a mile and 16x 100m for between 12-14.

Friday 2/25/11- kids got in a distance run followed by a fast 300m meters and one lap coolie. MOC crowd hit a pre meet

Thursday 2/24/11- 2 miles up followed by drills and 15- 24x 400m.  Top Group was on a 2:10 cycle- 2nd boys group was at 2:25- ladies stayed at 2:40.  Great day, 2 laps down.  Wallack and Dharin raced over 700m before hitting some fast strides.  Ingrid and May hit 30 minutes up followed by a quick maintenance workout of 4-3-2x 2.  Good day – lots goin on.

Wednesday 2/23/11- 22 minutes up- very quick stretch.  Followed by 3.5 miles at threshold.  Top Dogs led the way at around 5:30/ mile.  Good day- short 800m coolie followed by a fast 300m and a few laps easy.  Good day.

Tuesday 2/22/11- 5 miles of progressive running finishing with 6x 200 (200 rest) at GMP.  Core after- good easy day.

Monday 2/21/11- kids got in a warmie followed by 600m at full flight, 600m rest jog and 10x 200 intersprsed with over underss- 2 laps down- good day!!!

Week of 2/14/11-



For those running Nationals USATF number is HERE

Saturday 2/19/11- kids hit at least 10 miles (some 12.5) steady in WW before getting in 16*100m strides. Karthik and Prathik got in some incredibly tough repeats over 400.  Prathik hit 25x 400m in rough freezing wind. ugh

Friday 2/18/11- 2 miles up followed by stretching drills and strides (8).  Afterwhich kids got into their groups for 400’s and hit between 13-23x 400m on a 2:10-2:40 minute cycle.  A few that may compete at Easterns got in the Bowerman 800m drill.  May hit 1:47.5 (rested 30 seconds) and hit 36.7 for 2:24ish, Dharin hit 1:29/31 for around 2 flat.  Good day. Incredible weather.  Those running Saturday hit a pre meet.

 Thursday 2/17/11– easy 50-60 minutes oyo

Wednesday 2/16/11- 20 minutes up followed by a sustained hard run over 5k, followed by 4x 200 at GMP and a short coolie.  Those competing this weekend hit threshold of between 2 – 4 miles followed by a coolie of easy jogging and strides.

Tuesday 2/15/11- kids got in 50-55 minutes with 10x 100m strides and plenty of core.

Monday 2/14/11- everyone got in 2.5 miles on the track (8 laps and 8 strides) Afterwhich everyone hit a fast 600 led by AJ (1:22 high) and a few minutes of jogging before hitting either 10x 150 or 10x 100m (for those competing this weekend) with full rec.  Good day. Core after.

Week of 2/7/11


Saturday 2/12/11- practice at 9:30 am at HSS!!! kids got in an hour steady and a 5k threshold- everyone ran very well before finishing with 16-20*100m

Friday 2/11/11- 2 miles up.  Most people did 400’s, between 15-22 on a 2:10-3:00 min cycle. easy coolie.  Those competing next week hit short specificity.  1600 crowd hit 1095 @ GMP followed by a minute rest and 720m hard.  3200m group hit 21 360m rest on our make shit track and the guys hit 2190 @ 3200 pace, and 800 crowd hit 3*365 on a short rest cycle.  Afterwards everyone got together got 200’s (8-10) fast (29-31) with a 160m rest jog between each.  Short coolie followed by core.

Thursday 2/10/11-  kids got in an easy aerobic run followed by strides and core.  Good day- colder than hell.

Wednesday 2/9/11- pirates endure a late might meet at Peddie- top dawgs and ladies run out of their events in prep for next weekends meet.

Tuesday 2/8/11- pre meet of 20 minutes or a 6-8 mile runa nd strides. 

Monday 2/7/11- everyone hit a 20 minute warmie with stretching, drills and strides (8) most kids hit 365 m @ Goal 800 pace followed by a lap easy and 8x 120m instersperesed with 20 coes, 10 Burpess, 20 Jumpin Jax and 20 mounatin climbers.  800m down and Kenny Core.  Those competing at States and beyond worked on specificity.  800 Group hit 4*500 @ 75 or under.  3200 Group hit 5*720m on a 4:20 cycle at Goal pace (sub 9:40) milers hit 720 @ MGP  followed by a 360 rest and 3-4*500 at GMP for a total of 2720m at GMP.  Cooldown was 800m of easy joggin followed by 10x 100m.  Core or lifting after.

Week of 1/31/11-

Watch and Learn





 WATCH AND LEARN!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 2/6/11- Captains practice at the school at noon, kids will be running steady for 75-80 minutes and getting in 2x a mile at 85 % followed by 16x 100m. Schoepfs and Caroline led the way for the MD crowd with 60 minutes and 4 miles at LT followed by 16x 100m for between 12.75-14 on the day.  Sheldona nd Markan got in 10 miles and 3 miles at thresh plus 16x 100m.  AJ got in 60 minutes, 2 miles at LT and 20x 100m.  Developmental group completed 60 steaqdy minutes and 2x 1600 followed by a mile of strides for 12.

Saturday 2/5/11- 50 – 60 minute run finishig the last 10 minutes crisp (Threshold) if weather allows strides would be great.

Friday 2/4/11- 2 miles up and between 13-21x 400m in the parking lot.  Top group was on a 2:15 cycle.  short cooldown.  Great effort considering the  calamity.

Thursday 2/3/11- those competing WON SECTIONALS!!!!!! Those training got in LT reps over 800m on campus.   (11 of them) on a short cycle.

Wednesday 2/2/11– everyone get in a run between 1-3pm- backroads should be safe- the more miles the more the merrier guys n gals!! remember that our success will not occur accidentally- know that many of your competitors will stay inside today- gain on them by working hard today, 1000 reps of core!!! Lets get after it!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 2/1/11- everyone hit a 20 minute warmie in the halls followed by stretching drills and strides.  Those in the sectional group hit another 15 minutes followed by core and a 5 minute cooldown.  Those in the developmental group hit 10* 275m loop in the halls interspersed with 40 coes, 40 mountain climbers, 20 burpess, and plyo hops.  short coolie following.  Great day considering.  In addition- everyone safely navigated around the cleaning chemicals in the science wing! Amen!!!!!

Monday 1/31/11- County Champs!! Kids swwept the county champs for the 2nd time this year!!! Way to Go Pirates!!!!!!! Everyone else braved the elements and got i a 2 mile warmie followed by 10x 800m at threshold and a 800m coolie.