St. Balricks Shavees

Hey everyone- some of you may already know that myself and a few of my friends and colleagues have decided to take part in a benefit that aims to fight Childhood Cancer.  As an educator I am obsessed with improving my understudies.  I am constantly trying to find ways in which my children can more effectively reach their potential.  Since becoming a parent however I have been more concerned with the health and well-being of not only my own daughter but the young men and women in our program and community.  Let us not forget the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children is the gift of good health.  When I was originally approached to take part in this benefit I tried to imagine the despair and helplessness I would feel if my daughter or any one of my students were ever to be diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness.  I try to reflect every day on how blessed I am to be surrounded by healthy young men and women. There is nothing more tragic in this world then a young life diminished or cut short by illness.  We all have a chance to help a tremendous organization move forward in making this world a touch less tragic.  Please let us ‘pay it forward’ as a community. We can do this!!! All the information you need is available HERE or by clicking on the Saint Baldricks Shavees in the site’s header.  Thank you so much.  Now lets GO.