Week of 1/17/11

Relax and watch some basketball!!!!

Sunday 1/23/11- either off or a recovery run of 60 minutes (last 20 minutes progressive followed by 16x 100m.

Saturday 1/22/11- Either a longish steady run with a mile of strides or a race at Lavino.

Friday 1/21/11- same as Thursday for those competing at Lavino, those not headed over to Hendrickson Rd. and got in some 400’s.  Karthik lad all with 20*400 on a 2:30 cycle.  Fergusons led the pace for most of the reps.  Godo day considering.  Must have been 0 witht he windchill- horrible- way to gut it out Pirates.

Thursday 1/20/11- Steady distance finishing the last few miles at a progressive pace- strides after. 

Wednesday 1/19/11- kids ran at a duel meet – Larenceville Prep!

Tuesday 1/18/11- horrendous weather- 20-50 minutes either inside or out.

Monday 1/17/11- kids split up into several distance groups, 6 miles and 5k, 7.2 miles and 5k, and 8.5 miles and 5k.  Schoepfs and Sheldon hit their 5k’s in 16:44.  Pretty awesome performance for a guy fresh off a  2:14 800.  16*100m after for everyone. Those who didn’t compete on Saturday got in 20 up 8 s and 6*400 on short cycles.  15-20 minutes cooldown and 8 strides.