Week of 1/10/11



Sunday 1/16/10- kids met at the high school to get in a longish run. 50-70:00

Saturday 1/15/10- either off or State Relays – SOME GREAT PERFORMANCES!!!!!

Friday 1/14/10- PRE MEET OR POWER.  10*200@ fast with over unders and plyos

Thursday 1/13/11- some distance guys got in a few miles at threshold before getting in some sprints.

Wednesday 1/12/11- RUN ON YOUR OWN!!!!!

Tuesday 1/11/11- 2.2 warm-up followed by 2 minutes progressive and a 300m sprint.  A few guys hit 2.2 up- 5 miles at 6:20 pace- and a 300m sprint.  Organized Kenny core after.

Monday 1/10/11- after a 20 minute warmie w/ 8 s,  kids split up into groups.  Most kids did between 12-20x 400m on a 2:15-3:00 cycle on Hendrickson Rd. A few others did a quick workout on Quaker Rd. 800m @ GMP followed by about 40 seconds rest, a fast 600 followed by 10 seconds rest and an all out 200.  Group then hit 20 steady minutes before doing 10x 150 on a 1 minute cycle at RP.  10 minute coolie.