Week of 1/3/10

Sunday 1/9/11- Most kids either took off or got in easy mileage.  Schoeopfer got in a quick workout of 800@ GMP, 50 seconds rest, 600 fast 20:00 run and 10X 150m before cooling down. 

Saturday 1/8/11- long run of between 6-10.5 miles followed by 2x 1600m @ 80% and 16x 100m .  Schoepfer led all in 5:30/5:25 for 13.5 on the day.

Friday 1/7/11- Varsity group hit 1000m @ GMP . Schoepfer led all in 2:41ish, 800 jog, 11x 200 with plyos and overunders, 2 laps down. 

Thursday 1/6/11- developmental group hit power (11x 200m) with drills, Varsity group hit a distance run and strides.

Wednesday 1/5/11- developmental group hit 1.2 miles up, qucik stretch before hitting a 5 miles run at 80%.  Albert Lee led the way with Jeff Chen in HOT pursuit. coolie of 2 laps easy and 8 s.  7.2 total.  Varsity runers got in a meet at LV.  Some good performances- comments to follow.

Tuesday 1/4/11- varsity kids hit about 5 miles steady and strides.  Developmental group hit 2.5 miles, 800M at GMP, 2.5 miles, 600m @ GMP, and a few lapsd easy jogging.

Monday 1/3/11- kids warmed up for 20 minutes before hitting either 10-16 x 400m on  2:15- 3:00 cycle or the top LD guys  hit 800-600-@ GMP followed by 4x 400m @ GMP on a 2 minute cycle.  Some of the dudes were encouraged strongly to repeat the first rep of 800m.  MD guys hit 500 @ RP, 400j 300 @ RP, 400j then 4x 200 on a 1 minute cycle. 2 laps down. Gals hit a ladder of 600-500-400-300-200.