Week of 1/24/11

Sunday 1/30/11- pre meet (40 min)

Saturday 1/29/11- either a steady run followed by 12 strides and another 20 minutes later in the day or (those not running counties) 2 miles up- drills strides, etc and 20x 135m sprint interspersed with (station 1) 40 mountain climbers and 25m of overhead lunges and (station 2) 40 coes and 20m of side spider walks.  800m cooldown and core.

Friday 1/28/11- warm-up of 3-4.2 miles followed by 10-20* 200m on a 70-80 second cycle, 3-4.2 miles down.

Thursday 1/27/11-running on own- those strong enough to persevere got in a warm-up followed by race pace effort for 2 minutes, threshold training for 20-30 minutes, and 2 minutes at race effort, coolie after.


Tuesday 1/25/11- duel meet at Princeton – some great performances!!!!!

Monday 1/24/11- most kids got in a few minutes easy for a pre meet jog.  Top dogs got in a longish run of between 56-90 minutes.  Good day considering- about 15 degrees out. Core after.

St. Balricks Shavees

Hey everyone- some of you may already know that myself and a few of my friends and colleagues have decided to take part in a benefit that aims to fight Childhood Cancer.  As an educator I am obsessed with improving my understudies.  I am constantly trying to find ways in which my children can more effectively reach their potential.  Since becoming a parent however I have been more concerned with the health and well-being of not only my own daughter but the young men and women in our program and community.  Let us not forget the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children is the gift of good health.  When I was originally approached to take part in this benefit I tried to imagine the despair and helplessness I would feel if my daughter or any one of my students were ever to be diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness.  I try to reflect every day on how blessed I am to be surrounded by healthy young men and women. There is nothing more tragic in this world then a young life diminished or cut short by illness.  We all have a chance to help a tremendous organization move forward in making this world a touch less tragic.  Please let us ‘pay it forward’ as a community. We can do this!!! All the information you need is available HERE or by clicking on the Saint Baldricks Shavees in the site’s header.  Thank you so much.  Now lets GO.

Week of 1/17/11

Relax and watch some basketball!!!!

Sunday 1/23/11- either off or a recovery run of 60 minutes (last 20 minutes progressive followed by 16x 100m.

Saturday 1/22/11- Either a longish steady run with a mile of strides or a race at Lavino.

Friday 1/21/11- same as Thursday for those competing at Lavino, those not headed over to Hendrickson Rd. and got in some 400’s.  Karthik lad all with 20*400 on a 2:30 cycle.  Fergusons led the pace for most of the reps.  Godo day considering.  Must have been 0 witht he windchill- horrible- way to gut it out Pirates.

Thursday 1/20/11- Steady distance finishing the last few miles at a progressive pace- strides after. 

Wednesday 1/19/11- kids ran at a duel meet – Larenceville Prep!

Tuesday 1/18/11- horrendous weather- 20-50 minutes either inside or out.

Monday 1/17/11- kids split up into several distance groups, 6 miles and 5k, 7.2 miles and 5k, and 8.5 miles and 5k.  Schoepfs and Sheldon hit their 5k’s in 16:44.  Pretty awesome performance for a guy fresh off a  2:14 800.  16*100m after for everyone. Those who didn’t compete on Saturday got in 20 up 8 s and 6*400 on short cycles.  15-20 minutes cooldown and 8 strides.

Week of 1/10/11


Sunday 1/16/10- kids met at the high school to get in a longish run. 50-70:00

Saturday 1/15/10- either off or State Relays – SOME GREAT PERFORMANCES!!!!!

Friday 1/14/10- PRE MEET OR POWER.  10*200@ fast with over unders and plyos

Thursday 1/13/11- some distance guys got in a few miles at threshold before getting in some sprints.

Wednesday 1/12/11- RUN ON YOUR OWN!!!!!

Tuesday 1/11/11- 2.2 warm-up followed by 2 minutes progressive and a 300m sprint.  A few guys hit 2.2 up- 5 miles at 6:20 pace- and a 300m sprint.  Organized Kenny core after.

Monday 1/10/11- after a 20 minute warmie w/ 8 s,  kids split up into groups.  Most kids did between 12-20x 400m on a 2:15-3:00 cycle on Hendrickson Rd. A few others did a quick workout on Quaker Rd. 800m @ GMP followed by about 40 seconds rest, a fast 600 followed by 10 seconds rest and an all out 200.  Group then hit 20 steady minutes before doing 10x 150 on a 1 minute cycle at RP.  10 minute coolie.

Week of 1/3/10

Sunday 1/9/11- Most kids either took off or got in easy mileage.  Schoeopfer got in a quick workout of 800@ GMP, 50 seconds rest, 600 fast 20:00 run and 10X 150m before cooling down. 

Saturday 1/8/11- long run of between 6-10.5 miles followed by 2x 1600m @ 80% and 16x 100m .  Schoepfer led all in 5:30/5:25 for 13.5 on the day.

Friday 1/7/11- Varsity group hit 1000m @ GMP . Schoepfer led all in 2:41ish, 800 jog, 11x 200 with plyos and overunders, 2 laps down. 

Thursday 1/6/11- developmental group hit power (11x 200m) with drills, Varsity group hit a distance run and strides.

Wednesday 1/5/11- developmental group hit 1.2 miles up, qucik stretch before hitting a 5 miles run at 80%.  Albert Lee led the way with Jeff Chen in HOT pursuit. coolie of 2 laps easy and 8 s.  7.2 total.  Varsity runers got in a meet at LV.  Some good performances- comments to follow.

Tuesday 1/4/11- varsity kids hit about 5 miles steady and strides.  Developmental group hit 2.5 miles, 800M at GMP, 2.5 miles, 600m @ GMP, and a few lapsd easy jogging.

Monday 1/3/11- kids warmed up for 20 minutes before hitting either 10-16 x 400m on  2:15- 3:00 cycle or the top LD guys  hit 800-600-@ GMP followed by 4x 400m @ GMP on a 2 minute cycle.  Some of the dudes were encouraged strongly to repeat the first rep of 800m.  MD guys hit 500 @ RP, 400j 300 @ RP, 400j then 4x 200 on a 1 minute cycle. 2 laps down. Gals hit a ladder of 600-500-400-300-200.